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Information in English

Welcome to Lolland Municipality


We are very pleased that you have found your way to Lolland Municipality! Through this website, we hope to provide new arrivals with a comprehensive introduction to Lolland, so that all the practical tasks associated with moving are easier to accomplish.


That is to say, we would like you and your family to begin exploring the numerous opportunities and resources that Lolland has to offer.  We can offer a secure environment for families, excellent employment opportunities, housing at affordable prices, a wealth of leisure activities, many unique natural experiences and not least the renowned Lolland hospitality.


Welcome! Lolland is not only our place, but also yours.








Welcome to Lolland-Falster

Lolland-Falster is a scenic holiday destination of great natural beauty with coasts, fjords, small islands, lakes, forests, clear sky and wide open spaces. Here you will always find a wealth of experiences and exciting events for both young and old alike.